Consultation times dental practice Dr. Stuck in Biel

8am to 12pm / 1pm to 5.30pm.

Our telephone is staffed until 4.30pm.

Exact scheduling means waiting times of more than ten minutes are very rare.

We block off sufficient time for emergencies every day, so we can generally treat you that same day if necessary.

Rates of the dental practice Dr. Stuck in Biel

We are a member of the Swiss Dentists’ Association (SSO) and apply their rate, the SUVA rate (Swiss Accident Insurance Institute). Each of the approximately 500 services listed in the SUVA rate is assigned an item and a specific “tax point” figure.

The tax point value varies for insurance companies and private patients, and is determined using various criteria: skill level of the attending physician, cost structure of the practice (equipment, comfort, waiting times, rent, staff, etc.), the local conditions and the patients’ requirements. In Zurich, for example, tax point values up to 5,80 SFr. are not uncommon.

The tax point value at our practice is set at CHF 3.90. We grant you a 5 percent discount (except for medication, sanitary items and laboratory costs) for cash payments and instant payments by EC card or Postcard. This payment method is particularly popular among our patients for one-off DH treatments. The cash payment discount reduces the tax point value to approx. 3.55 SFr, which is below the regional average.

Payment methods

You can pay by cash, or also using an EC-direct card, Postcard or credit card. New patients are required to make an appropriate advance payment for more extensive treatments.

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